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Role-Based Training

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"Role-Based Training is for any employee going through a transition phase, such as New Employee Training, Mid-Level Employee Training, New Manager Level Training, etc.

We offer a wide range of different programs to meet the individual training need of each career stage."

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Skill-Based Training

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"Skill-Based Training is an intensive short-term program that centers on the skills and thought processes that every worker should possess.

A wide variety of training programs are available to meet every company's needs, such as presentation skills, basics communication skills, logical thinking skills, negotiation skills, and mental health care training."

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Job-Based Training

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"Each type of job requires different training. Salespeople need sales training whereas a customer service representative would need complaint handling skills training.

Reskill offers training programs that fit various job types. Regardless of age, each training program is perfect for any employee wanting to strengthen their skills in a short amount of time. "

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