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Since our foundation in 1986, Reskill has been engaged solely in the human resource development business. This is because of our desire to provide learning opportunities for many business persons. As training becomes more accessible, more and more companies will offer training programs. Moreover, each employee will have more opportunities to receive training that will improve their abilities and help them grow. As a result, we believe we can contribute to the realization of a society with better quality.

To make it easier for more companies to conduct training, we will eliminate inflexible training times, un-combinable training packages, and estimate-based prices.

Whatever the company, whoever is in charge, and regardless of the training types, it can be implemented easily, quickly, and effectively. We will continue to provide services that help more companies achieve human resource development.

Provide "More training" opportunities for companies by acting as a useful tool for human resource development. This is our reason for existence.


  • Company Name

    Reskill Corp.

  • Establishment Date

    May 2, 2022 (Start of Business 1986)

  • Capital


  • Representative

    Wataru Matsuda

  • Training Locations

    Online and in-person training are available worldwide.

  • Business Description

    Human Resource Development Consulting
    Business Training
    ICT Training

Reskill is a Recurrent education institution that provides re-education for business persons. Through education, we devote all of the company's resources to helping people increase what they can do and improve their lives.



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