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Role-Based Training

Thay are training programs that are divided into the roles. By conducting training at different stages, such as for new employees or managerial staff, individuals can gain an understanding of a new way of working and be encouraged to excel in their roles.

Experienced Employees Training

Senior-Level Employee Training

Entry-Level Employee Training

Skill-Based Training

Thay are the training programs that are divided into different themes that companies seek. Various trainings such as communication, subordinates' development, and mindset are available.

Career Planning Training

Independent Skill Training

Leadership Training

Finance/Accounting/Legal Training

Computer Skills Training

Productivity Training

Planning Training

Mindset Training

Communication skills training

Writing Training

Diversity Training

Employee Development Training

Risk Management Training

Mental Health Training

Motivation Training

Performance Appraisal Training

Presentation Training

Communication Training

Business Etiquette/Hospitality Training



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