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Would you like to make a career as a training instructor?

The number of people who choose to become training instructors as a second career, start their own business as a training instructor, or start working as an instructor after maternity leave, etc., has been increasing in recent years.

The following are the benefits of working as a training instructor.

  • There is great satisfaction in being involved in the development of people.
  • Receive words of appreciation from trainees and department personnel.
  • Flexible hours and being able to control your own schedule.
  • Gain new skills and knowledge which could further advance your income level.

Reskill is looking for instructors in all regions of the United States. We look forward to working with you in human resource development.

Features of Instructors at Reskill

The following are some of the characteristics of working as an instructor at Reskill.

All textbooks will be prepared by the company

Reskill will prepare lesson plans and textbooks. We will not ask instructors to do those extra preparation work.

We will send textbooks to instructors in advance so they can get ready before the actual training.

Minimum work on non-training days

Typically, training instructors need to have meetings with clients in advance and spend much time on non-training days doing preparation work.

At Reskill, we minimize the time spent on meetings. If necessary, we will conduct meetings online and minimize work on non-training days.

*This could vary with different projects. We will discuss with you in advance.

56 training topics

We offer 56 different training topics. The following are some of them.

  • Management Evaluator Training
  • Call Center Phone Etiquette Training
  • Logical Thinking Training
  • Programming Training
  • and more

You can conduct training with the topics you are familiar with, or challenge yourself with other new topics.

Accepting applications nationwide

Reskill actively offers online training lessons. Therefore, we welcome all applicants regardless of their location.

Application Process

The application process is as follows.

Application Process

To apply Please submit your application here.
To submit documents Please submit your resume and other related documents. We will emal you if additional information is needed.
First Interview The first interview will be conducted by our representative.
Second Interview The second interview will be conducted by our representative.
Post interview process Successful candidates might be asked to participate in additional training sessions when necessary. If you pass the selection process, you will be asked to participate in training if necessary.

Job Description

Position Corporate training instructor
Employee Type Independent Contractor
Area Nationwide
Training Topics All Employee Training Topics
Compensation Salary will be commensurate with experience.
Work Hours Hours may vary based on project needs.
(Mostly 0.5~1 day)
We welcome candidates - who are interested in education
- who are dedicated to people development

FAQ about Instructor Recruitment

Yes, Reskill actively welcomes those who are new to teaching and may not have prior experience as instructors. Many of our current instructors have leveraged their past experiences and are now thriving in their roles as instructors.
Yes, at Reskill we offer better proposals to those who have had prior experience as a training instructor. For more details, please apply and our staff will discuss this with you.
Certain work experience is necessary, but there are no specific requirements. Upon receipt of your application, we will discuss how your experience and communication skills will fulfill the job requirements.

Please submit your application via the link below, and a representative will contact you within one business day.



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