Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】

Learn the skills and behaviors necessary for every manager

With this video course, you will gradually learn about the manager's role, essential competencies, and strategies to meet company expectations. Acquiring business knowledge will not only contribute to your success as a manager but also lead to an immediate improvement in your performance. Elevate your capacity to address business challenges by uncovering best-practice management approaches and cultivating new skills.

Key Features of Video Courses

High-Quality Content.

One of the key features is the high quality of the content, which is used by over 30,000 people annually. Our instructors have only a high rating of 4.75 out of 5.

Tests and Satisfaction Survey Report Included in All Video Courses.

All video courses by subscription come together with tests. Real-time reports based on test performance allow you to track your progress and understand your performance in the course.

Flat-Rate Pricing for All Courses.

All video courses are available at a flat-rate pricing. In addition to the subscription format, there are also purchase plans available, making it easy to quickly adopt and utilize the courses.

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Training Goals of Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】

In this e-learning video course, you will review the fundamentals of management and develop skills in goal, business, and people management.

Who Benefits the Most

The following is a general list of target participants for the e-learning program and can be adjusted upon review. Please contact us regarding your needs.

Leaders, Managers

Key Features of Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】

1. Understand the role of a manager, how to accomplish team goals, and develop team purpose

Review the organization's requirements for a manager in order to gain a better understanding of the manager role

2. Develop an understanding of goal management, business management, and people management

In this course, you will learn how to assess a company's current situation, set team goals, and improve its current processes

3. Learn how to communicate effectively with employees

Acquire the necessary listening, speaking, praising, and acknowledgement skills to improve communication with your employees and within the organization

E-learning video course details:

Total Video Duration108 minutes(consists of 5 videos)
ContentAvailable (slides can be downloaded)
TestIncluded (at the end of the course)
Implementation ReportCan be viewed in real-time
Viewing Plans・Purchase plan: Video (mp4 format)
・Rental plan: Online via Reskill platform

Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】 Sample

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Course Curriculum of Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】

This course consitsts of 5 videos, which are listed below.

  1. 1. Manager’s Role


    Define the role of a manager and the required skills

    • What is the role of manager? [5 key manager’s resources]
    • What companies expect from managers [Direct outcomes, Commitment to company values, HR development]
    • Competencies required for management positions [Goal management, Business management, People management]
    • Code of conduct for managers
  2. 2. Goal Management


    Learn what is goal management for a team’s success

    • What is the purpose? [Mission, Vision]
    • What is a goal?
    • Establish departmental goals based on the company's purpose [“As Is - To Be” Model]
    • Developing individual goals based on departmental goals [SMART goals]
  3. 3. Business Management


    Understand how to manage and improve business processes to achieve goals

    • Run the PDCA cycle
    • Why many companies cannot run the PDCA cycle
    • Business improvement [Kaizen]
  4. 4. People Management (Effective Communication)


    Learn how to communicate with your a team effectively

    • Attitudes that are important for managers [Growth mindset]
    • Assertive communication [Active listening, Basic communication rules, Self assessment]
    • How to speak with more clarity [Speak concisely, Convey the main points, Repeat important points
    • Specific instructions/guidance [MORS framework]
  5. LAST. People Management (Acknowledge, praise and feedback)


    Learn how to acknowledge, praise and give feedback to your team effectively

    • How to appreciate employees effectively [Why appreciation is essential, Acknowledgment, Practice exercise]
    • Praise your team to achieve goals [Why it’s necessary, Praise behavior, Shaping]
    • How to give feedback effectively

Training Cost

Our service offers two types of plans: rental plans with specific periods, and purchase plans

Purchase Plan

  • This plan allows you to purchase the videos and download them for immediate use
  • Since you have complete ownership of the videos, this plan is recommended for repeated use
  • You can utilize them in a variety of ways, such as incorporating them into your company's LMS (Learning Management System)
PriceRM 7,890 (Unlimited duration and number of users) Get a Quote
Viewing MethosVideos will be sent in mp4 format
Total Video Duration 108 min (consisting of 5 videos: 1856MB)
25 min : 433MB / 18 min : 311MB / 15 min : 255MB / 28 min : 483MB / 22 min : 374MB
ContentAvailable (slides can be downloaded)
TestWe will send the test as a Word file (participation is not mandatory)
Start of UseNext business day after application
Payment consitionsPayment must be made at the end of the following month of purchase (invoice will be issued upon purchase)

Rental Plan

  • The standard online rental plan is available for online use
  • The start date of the course can be specified and immediate access is also possible
  • The participants' progress can be tracked and their course completion status report can be viewed
Total Video Duration 108 min(consisting of 5 videos)
25 min / 18 min / 15 min / 28 min / 22 min
ContentAvailable (slides can be downloaded)
TestCan be conducted online
Implementation ReportImplementation status reports can be managed online for each participant
Start of UseNext business day after application
Period of UseAdjustable (Information regarding training results can be accessed even after the end of the period of use)
Payment ConditionsPayment must be made at the end of the month following the start day (invoice will be issued upon application request)
Period of use plans Start of use Mode of use Rental cost Click to apply
4 weeks Can be started immediately Online
Order process
RM 80
Get a Quote
2 weeks Can be started immediately Online
Order process
RM 45
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The cost of the Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】is clear and affordable. You can check it here.
The Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】includes slides, which will provide you with in PDF format upon purchase.
The Management Basic 【E-Learning video courses】 is available for use immediately by an unlimited number of participants.
You can view real-time progress reports for all members of your team by logging into the system.

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