Idea Generation Training

Unleash your team's creative and problem solving potential for business success.

Elevate your team's ability to generate innovative solutions and tackle complex challenges with this practical training program.

In today's dynamic business landscape, creativity is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. This training equips your employees with a powerful toolkit to unlock their innovative potential and drive positive change within your organization.

3 Keys Features of Reskill Training

Full Preparatory Support

You will receive support not only during the training, but also prior to it. A complete set of training material and equipment will be delivered to you by mail beforehand. This will allow you to receive high-quality training with minimum preparation time.

Flat Rate Pricing

With the concept of "More Training", we make the courses available at a clear fixed price, even for a customized single-company training program that provides an excellent training environment.

Online Training Options

We offer various training formats with no additional charge, whether it be in-person, online, or a hybrid of both(partially web-based). Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.

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Idea Generation Training Goals

In the idea generation training, participants will not only learn idea-generating techniques but also gain an understanding of the entire planning process for turning ideas into reality through hands-on exercises.

Who Benefits the Most

The following is a general list of target participants for the training and can be adjusted upon review. Please contact us regarding your needs.

Employees, particularly those involved in innovation, problem-solving, or project development. This includes roles like marketing teams, product development teams, sales teams facing new challenges, or any team needing to adapt to a changing market.

Result of Idea Generation Training

  1. Comprehensive understanding of problem identification and information gathering as the foundation for enhancing idea generation.
  2. Repertoire of diverse techniques to expand and generate a multitude of ideas.
  3. Be able to translate ideas into actionable plans.

Training Objectives

1. Grow the understanding of the fundamental skills of idea generation to help nurture employees into an idea-rich individuals

Distinctive traits are evident in highly creative individuals, often referred to as "idea people." By comprehending the behaviors that foster idea generation and undergoing training, everyone can aspire to become an idea person.

2. Acquire techniques to enhance creative thinking through the employees

The training encompasses a comprehensive range of methods, from brainstorming and generating a multitude of ideas to refining them into concrete proposals. Participants will gain the ability to discern and apply the appropriate techniques based on the specific situation.

3. Transform ideas into actionable plans and execute them

Brilliant ideas hold no value if they remain unrealized. By understanding the process of successful planning and presentation to garner support, participants will learn how to translate their ideas into practical applications.

Estimated Training Duration

6 hours (subject to change)

Idea Generation Training Curriculum

Other training content can be incorporated into the curriculum upon request at no additional charge.

1. Basic understanding of creativity [Goal] Understand the basics of creativity
  • [Ice breaker] Self-reflection
  • The importance of creativity
2. Discovering creative problem solving [Goal] Check how to find problems that require creativity
  • Utilizing creativity and learning the correct problem-solving flow
  • Identify where the problem is located [MECE “No gap, no overlap”, Logic Tree, Strengthen your arguments].
  • [Exercise] Creating a logic tree
3. Developing creativity with lateral thinking [Goal] Learn and master lateral thinking, an essential component of creativity
  • What is lateral thinking?/[Exercise] Try lateral thinking
  • Challenge assumptions [Doubt your way to success/[Exercise] Challenging your team assumptions]
  • Abstraction [Focusing on the essence of a problem/[Exercise] Let's abstract an object].
  • Don't miss out on serendipitous discoveries
  • Embracing external ideas
  • Combine ideas [How to combine ideas/[Exercise] Combining your current company's products or services].
  • [Case study] Guesthouse in the middle of nowhere
4. Frameworks to strengthen your creativity [Goal] Understand various frameworks that enhance creativity
  • Framework covered in this chapter [Brainstorming/
  • Mind Mapping/NM Method/Osborn's Checklist (Including SCAMPER)/ Mandala Chart Method]
  • [Exercise] Brainstorm
5. Realize ideas [Goal] Find out the steps required to turn ideas into reality
  • Essential points for realizing ideas [Flow for realizing ideas, [Exercise] Moving ideas into actions]
  • Create a proposal
  • Essential tips for creating a successful proposal
  • [Exercise] Creating a mock proposal (conducted
  • depending on the time)

Training Cost

We provide tailored training programs for an entire company at a fixed rate. We will send you a quotation based on estimated training duration and number of participants.

  • The number of participants, training content and training formats can all be adjusted afterwards with no additional charge.
  • Last minute changes can be made with no additional charge.

Idea Generation Training Participant Requirements

No special skills are required


Online and in-person training are available worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The course is designed to meet the needs of our clients and teach skills that can be put into practice right away.
Online and partially web-based courses are both available upon request.

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