Lateral Thinking Training [Cultivating creative thinking]

Develop lateral thinking skills to achieve goals from completely new perspectives.

This comprehensive training program delves into the world of lateral thinking (horizontal thinking), empowering participants to achieve their goals from fresh and unconventional angles. Step away from standardized approaches that rely on past experiences and success formulas, and embrace a mindset that fosters innovative solutions and groundbreaking ideas.

3 Keys Features of Reskill Training

Full Preparatory Support

You will receive support not only during the training, but also prior to it. A complete set of training material and equipment will be delivered to you by mail beforehand. This will allow you to receive high-quality training with minimum preparation time.

Flat Rate Pricing

With the concept of "More Training", we make the courses available at a clear fixed price, even for a customized single-company training program that provides an excellent training environment.

Online Training Options

We offer various training formats with no additional charge, whether it be in-person, online, or a hybrid of both(partially web-based). Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.

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Lateral Thinking Training Goals

Investing in lateral thinking training equips your employees with a powerful skill set that benefits both individuals and the organization. This training fosters a creative mindset, equipping participants with techniques to tackle challenges from new angles and achieve success in today's dynamic world.

Who Benefits the Most

The following is a general list of target participants for the training and can be adjusted upon review. Please contact us regarding your needs.

Regardless of experience level or field, this training benefits all employees.

Result of Lateral Thinking Training

  1. Gain the ability to think and apply lateral thinking concepts and techniques.
  2. Acquire various training methods to enhance their creativity.
  3. Understand how to integrate Lateral thinking into the organization's or team's culture.

Training Objectives

1. Acquire new thinking methods that do not rely on past experiences

To achieve continued growth and success, it is essential to transcend the limitations of past experiences and success formulas. This training will equip you with a fresh arsenal of thinking patterns that challenge conventional wisdom and empower you to generate groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions.

2. Possibility of creating an organization that is capable of lateral thinking

Innovation thrives in a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives and creative ideas are encouraged and nurtured. This training will guide you in cultivating an organizational culture that fosters lateral thinking, enabling teams to generate groundbreaking ideas and achieve remarkable success together.

3. Learn what not to do in lateral thinking

Nurturing a culture of innovation requires a clear understanding of potential barriers to lateral thinking. This training will help you identify and address these obstacles, ensuring that creativity and innovation remain at the forefront of your organization's success.

Estimated Training Duration

6 hours (subject to change)

Lateral Thinking Training Curriculum

Other training content can be incorporated into the curriculum upon request at no additional charge.

1. Fundamentals of lateral thinking [Goal] Comprehend the fundamentals of lateral thinking
  • [Ice breaker] Self-reflection
  • What is lateral thinking? [Why is it necessary]
  • Lateral thinking vs. Logical thinking
  • [Exercise] Try thinking laterally
2. Lateral thinking methods [Goal] Strengthen thinking skills whilst utilizing lateral thinking
  • How to think laterally
  • Challenge assumptions [For experienced and inexperienced employees]/[Exercise] Challenging assumptions
  • Change perspective
  • Abstraction [How to focus on the essence]/[Exercise] Train your abstraction skill
  • Embrace serendipity/[Exercise] Connecting coincidences to business
  • Accept outside ideas
  • Combine ideas/[Exercise] Combining ideas
3. Idea implementation [Goal] Identify the points required to implement ideas
  • Essential points for implementing ideas [Implementing ideas flow]
  • Select the idea to implement (organizing ideas)
  • Consider a detailed breakdown at the operational level [Determine a process, Process generation method]
  • Execute / Verify results [Welcome failures]
  • [Exercise] Moving ideas into actions
4. Lateral thinking in teams [Goal] Consider the key points required for organizations and teams to think laterally
  • Idea friendly environments [Tips for encouraging ideas within the team, What not to do]
  • [Exercise] Reflect on your team
5. Practice [Goal] Implement the training principles in practice
  • [Case Study] Guesthouse in the middle of nowhere
  • Familiar topic in the workplace [Decide on a theme as a group, Use lateral thinking to generate ideas, Select ideas, Breakdown at the operational level]
  • [Exercise] Reflect on the training and consider key points you should focus on

Training Cost

We provide tailored training programs for an entire company at a fixed rate. We will send you a quotation based on estimated training duration and number of participants.

  • The number of participants, training content and training formats can all be adjusted afterwards with no additional charge.
  • Last minute changes can be made with no additional charge.

Lateral Thinking Training Participant Requirements

No special skills required


Online and in-person training are available worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The course is designed to meet the needs of our clients and teach skills that can be put into practice right away.
Online and partially web-based courses are both available upon request.

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