Advanced Time Management Training [Learn time management skills]

Gain the ability to deliver results in a given amount of time.

In this training course, participants will gain time management skills and the ability to use limited time effectively. Participants will focus on the "many tasks" and "time consuming work" that lead to overtime. As a result, this will motivate workers as it will solve the problem of not being able to go home on time.

3 Keys Features of Reskill Training

Full Preparatory Support

You will receive support not only during the training, but also prior to it. A complete set of training material and equipment will be delivered to you by mail beforehand. This will allow you to receive high-quality training with minimum preparation time.

Flat Rate Pricing

With the concept of "More Training", we make the courses available at a clear fixed price, even for a customized single-company training program that provides an excellent training environment.

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Advanced Time Management Training Goals

Without working overtime, become a team of workers that optimizes their given limited amount of time.

Who Benefits the Most

The following is a general list of target participants for the training and can be adjusted upon review. Please contact us regarding your needs.

Entry-level employees, mid-level employees, team Leaders

Result of Advanced Time Management Training

  1. Acquire the (individual level) habit of achieving goals in a short amount of time without working overtime.
  2. Acquire the (team level) habit of achieving goals in a short amount of time without working overtime.
  3. Increase the productivity of each worker by creating a mindset of using the time given effectively.

Training Objectives

1. Acquire the ability to deliver results in a short amount of time.

This training corrects wasteful work habits of employees that are struggling to produce results unless they work long hours and creates employees who can compete using quality, not quantity.

2. Acquire the ability to deliver results in a short amount of time as a team

Create an ideal team where goals are met in a short period of time by focusing on the work as a whole team rather than as individuals.

3. Become a company that challenges themselves in a given amount of time.

Create a capable team where employees have their own time to challenge themselves with new activities or goals. Furthermore, you can expect an environment that develops effective team members.

Estimated Training Duration

6 hours (subject to change)

Advanced Time Management Training Curriculum

Other training content can be incorporated into the curriculum upon request at no additional charge.

1. What time management is about [Goal] Understand how to use time effectively from a business perspective.
  • Work: Think about time management [List weaknesses or difficulties]
  • The foundation of time management [Organize by task rather than time/ Organize thoughts and moves too]
  • Why is time management important?
  • Workers that are capable work quickly [Think quickly/Accept work offers/Steps for doing work/Doing the work itself]
  • Workshop: Identify and reflect on your most recent work
2. Avoid unnecessary work [Goal] Identify the work that is truly necessary
  • Pre-Steps: Identify the purpose of the work [QCD]
  • The basis of ECRS [Elimination, synthesis, replacement, simplification]
  • Workshop: List unnecessary work [Identify unnecessary work in your workload]
  • 5S’s of organizing your environment [Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain]
  • The 5S’s of objects [Organizing documents, desktop organization]
  • The 5S’s of work [Identify work that has value]
  • Fix work by making it a habit
  • Workshop: Reflect on the work you have [Think about how to improve work efficiency using the 5S’s]
3. Organize work properly [Goal] Organize a list of tasks to speed up overall work
  • What is task management? [The different types of tasks/Why is task management important?]
  • The detailed flow of task management processes
  • What to be aware of when organizing your tasks
  • Workshop: List the remaining work and identify the tasks related to it
  • How to deal with tasks for "later" [Create time for preparations]
  • Workshop: Do you have time to prepare?
  • Write in your calendar [When you cannot proceed with work as planned]
  • PC skills to speed up work [Registering keywords/Creating a format/Taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts /Taking advantage of the mouse/Learning how to type quickly]
4. Writing an effective email [Goal] Learn how to write an efficient email where the receiver can understand the message
  • Email as the main method of communication [The basic thought process of an email/How to organize emails/The basic structure of an email]
  • How to organize with speed [Do you feel you want to finish work quickly?/ Basic skills of blind typing as a basic skill]
  • Create your own rules
  • Registering frequent phrases/ Dictionary registration [Using Canned Sentence Registration/Dictionary Registration]
  • Other Misc. Items [Take advantage of email filters/folders/tag/label]
5. Working with others as a team [Goal] Learn how to request or accept work to effectively manage the team
  • Can the task be done as a team
  • How to effectively ask for work [The task itself/timing of the question/Try to ask from their perspective]
  • Accept work from others [Check the main points of their request/answer questions on the spot/how to refuse softly]
  • How to accept an unexpected job
  • Create an environment where employees feel comfortable helping each other [Listen and praise others on a regular basis]
  • Case work: Receiving orders from your supervisor [Get your priorities right/Be mindful of how you take orders]
6. Practical Time Management [Goal] Use the output method at work
  • The importance of ensuring profit in a fixed amount of time
  • Workshop: List the causes of overtime
  • Workshop: Create an immediate plan to fix any issues

Training Cost

We provide tailored training programs for an entire company at a fixed rate. We will send you a quotation based on estimated training duration and number of participants.

  • The number of participants, training content and training formats can all be adjusted afterwards with no additional charge.
  • Last minute changes can be made with no additional charge.

Advanced Time Management Training Participant Requirements

No particular requirements


Online and in-person training are available worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The course is designed to meet the needs of our clients and teach skills that can be put into practice right away.
Online and partially web-based courses are both available upon request.

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