Diversity Training: 1.5-hour edition [Creating a safe work environment]

Fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

This 1.5-hour training session provides an introduction to the fundamentals of DEI. Participants will learn to embrace differences, and develop an understanding of appropriate approaches for interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds to foster respectful working relationships l. Through interactive exercises, participants will assess their own understanding of DEI, identify areas for personal growth, and broaden their perspectives.

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Diversity Training: 1.5-hour edition Goals

During this 1.5-hour training, participants will gain a solid understanding of DEL, its principles, and how to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered.

Who Benefits the Most

The following is a general list of target participants for the training and can be adjusted upon review. Please contact us regarding your needs.

This knowledges necessary for all working people

Result of Diversity Training: 1.5-hour edition

  1. Gain foundational knowledge of diversity and individualized approaches
  2. Enhance understanding of diverse characteristics
  3. Recognize and address unconscious biases

Estimated Training Duration

1.5 hours (subject to change)

Diversity Training: 1.5-hour edition Curriculum

Other training content can be incorporated into the curriculum upon request at no additional charge.

1. Diversity overview [Goal] Understanding the fundamentals of diversity
  • Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of diversity
  • What is diversity?
  • Significance of diversity and inclusion
  • The difference between diversity and inclusion
  • Diversity and inclusion mindset
  • [Exercise] Pop quiz
2. Diversity Characteristics [Goal] Deepening understanding of diverse characteristics
  • Characteristics overview
  • Exploring specific characteristics:
  • Gender[Female participation, Changing perceptions towards women/Societal attitudes towards women are evolving, yet progress remains uneven/ Considerations for female participation].
  • Age [Concerns/Effective communication]
  • Disability [Recruitment of people with disabilities/ Reasonable accommodation]
  • Cultural Variation [What is cross-culturalism?/ Iceberg Model]
  • LGBTQ+[LGBTQ+ overview, Concept of gender, Gender identity, Misconceptions, Building acceptance Outing]
  • [Exercise] Self-assessment
3. Build a safe working environment [Goal] Create a safe and inclusive working environment for all
  • Common characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment [Psychological safety/Building a supportive environment/Embracing diversity and fostering synergy]
  • [Exercise] Final quiz

Training Cost

We provide tailored training programs for an entire company at a fixed rate. We will send you a quotation based on estimated training duration and number of participants.

  • The number of participants, training content and training formats can all be adjusted afterwards with no additional charge.
  • Last minute changes can be made with no additional charge.

Diversity Training: 1.5-hour edition Participant Requirements

No special skills required


Online and in-person training are available worldwide.

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