Basic Facilitation Training [Motivate your team]

Learn the basics of facilitation to encourage team members to speak up and share ideas.

In this training, participants are trained to learn the basics of the facilitation process and to be able to carry out meetings effectively.
As a facilitator, you will learn how to handle and guide the discussions and gain the ability to understand potential issues and how to deal with them, as well as learn tools and frameworks that are useful for the smooth progress of meetings.

3 Keys Features of Reskill Training

Full Preparatory Support

You will receive support not only during the training, but also prior to it. A complete set of training material and equipment will be delivered to you by mail beforehand. This will allow you to receive high-quality training with minimum preparation time.

Flat Rate Pricing

With the concept of "More Training", we make the courses available at a clear fixed price, even for a customized single-company training program that provides an excellent training environment.

Online Training Options

We offer various training formats with no additional charge, whether it be in-person, online, or a hybrid of both(partially web-based). Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.

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Facilitation Training Goals

Through this training, participants will learn basic knowledge about facilitation and gain skills required in various situations. Participants will also practice techniques that can be used in real discussions, and will be able to conduct smooth discussions.

Who Benefits the Most

The following is a general list of target participants for the training and can be adjusted upon review. Please contact us regarding your needs.

All Employees

Result of Facilitation Training

  1. Learn how to deal with communication barriers that can hinder the smooth flow of communication.
  2. Ability to effectively conduct a meeting even if the meeting gets off track.
  3. Gain tools to effectivly design sucessful meetings.

Training Objectives

1. Ability to identify potential issues that may occur in real discussions and identify ways to solve them

Ability to understand the potential issues and patterns that may occur in a meeting amongst the group or team and understand your role and solve them as meeting facilitator.

2. Learn writing techniques to get your message or view across clearly

Participants will learn how to highlight and summarize what's important by identifying key elements of a discussion and paraphrasing them for the attendees to solidify their understanding.

3. Gain tools to effectivly design sucessful meetings.

Participants will have the ability to build the foundation of a sucessful meeting by preparing for the meeting in advanced by taking in considering the actual flow and structure.

Estimated Training Duration

6 hours (subject to change)

Facilitation Training Curriculum

Other training content can be incorporated into the curriculum upon request at no additional charge.

1. Understanding of the current situation at meetings [Goal] Understanding of the current situation and issues that occur at meetings
  • Opening work: Review and go over current issues
  • Negative impact of groupthink [Lack of oppositions/negative impact of groupthinking]
  • Work: How to avoid the negative impact of groupthinking
  • What is facilitation? [Basic concept of facilitation/maintaining facilitator neutrality/dealing with resistance]
  • Meeting types [status update meetings/milestone meetings/organizing meetings/decision-making meetings/brainstorming meetings]
  • Characteristics of a succesful meeting
2. How to prepare and run a meeting [Goal] Understand the structure of the meeting and prepare accordingly
  • Basic structure of a sucessful meeting
  • Confirm meeting objectives (important points) [How to conduct a highly effective and productive meeting/what is the main purpose?/wrap up the meeting/keep the meeting on track]
  • Work: Think about when a meeting should end
  • How to run the meeting
  • Realistic ways to prepare for a meeting / Using the preparation sheet
  • Meeting preparation without thinking about "the customers"
  • Set ground rules [What are ground rules/points to note when setting ground rules/ Work: Setting ground rules/set virtual meeting etiquette]
3. How to run a meeting [Goal] Understand how to control and guide the discussion
  • Facilitating Effective Group Discussions
  • ① Engaging attendees in the conversation [Respond to persons who wish to speak and the relevance of their remarks to the discussion / Respond to situations where attendees don't know what to say]
  • ② understand what has been said, and share it with the group [Understand the remarks/make sure attendees understand the information presented]
  • How to use the whiteboard [Write down the purpose, goal and the structure/how to write down ideas/how to write down issues raised/how to summarize decisions and conclusions]
  • ③ Carefully guide the participants through the discussions
  • ④ Reach a conclusion [Break down the meeting topic by mutual agreement/How to make a decision/Quick Work:How to break down a meeting topic]
  • When failed to reach an agreement [elements that have been agreed on/areas of disagreement]
  • Review decisions and assignments[common meeting problems/Taking meeting minuets]
4. How to deal with challenges in a meeting [Goal] Learn how to handle difficult meeting situations
  • Conflict management
  • Dealing with troublemakers at meetings [the commentator type/the dictator type/the "In the first place" type/the questioner type/the self-centered type]
  • Lack of ideas at brainstorming meetings [Rules to help create ideas/methods to help create ideas]
5. Practice Facilitation [Goal] Practice facilitation using case studies
  • Work: Hold a meeting [Step 1/Step 2: Create a preparation sheet/Step 3:Hold a meeting/Step 4: Review the quality of the meeting]
  • Work: Put your learnings into action

Training Cost

We provide tailored training programs for an entire company at a fixed rate. We will send you a quotation based on estimated training duration and number of participants.

  • The number of participants, training content and training formats can all be adjusted afterwards with no additional charge.
  • Last minute changes can be made with no additional charge.

Facilitation Training Participant Requirements

Intended primarily for those attending conferences and meetings within an organization


Online and in-person training are available worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The course is designed to meet the needs of our clients and teach skills that can be put into practice right away.
Online and partially web-based courses are both available upon request.

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